A to Z Words

The words listed below are those featured in the Library A to Z. It's not an exhaustive list of all library services and the benefits they provide, but it is intended to highlight and celebrate the breadth of services, resources and facilities available.

The materials that were created from this list, including the illustrations, can be downloaded here.


A is for access; advice; answers; archives; art (view public art and sometimes borrow it too!); astronomy (some libraries loan out telescopes for stargazing); audio books; author events.

B is for baby bounce and rhyme; biographies (learn about others); Blu-rays; board games; book club; books; borrowing; breakout space; breast feeding (space for mothers with babies); business information.

C is for careers; carers services; childminders; choices; classics; coffee (relax with one); collaboration; colouring (fun sessions for children); comics; community; community cohesion; community memory; competitive advantage (for businesses); council information & services (access to); crafts; creation; CVs.

D is for dads; dance; databases; democracy; Dewey; digital literacy; discovery; diversity; download (things that the library buys); dry; dvds; Dyslexia / disability support.

E is for Ebook readers; ebooks; education; email (access to); employability; enquiry service; entertainment; equality; escape; events; everyone (is welcome); exciting; exhibitions; expression.

F is for Facebook (access to); families; family history; fax services; fiction; films; free (to join and free books); friends; fun; fundraising; future skills (preparing for the future).

G is for gallery; games (digital & board games); geographical information; go online; graphic novels; green (eco-friendly book re-use); group work; guidance.

H is for health; help; heritage; history; holiday reading; home (access library materials from); homework help.

I is for images; imagination; inclusion; individual study; information; information commons; information literacy; information services; innovation; inspiration; inter-library loans (borrowing things from other libraries); internet.

J is for job searching; journals; journeys (discover new places with a book); judgement-free.

K is for key (to success / learning); keyboard (both music & computer); key-stages (support for curriculum work); kids; kindness; kinship; knitting (crafts in the library); knowledge.

L is for languages; learning; leisure; lending / loans; librarians / library staff; literacy; literature; local studies; local to users.

M is for magazines; mailing lists; Make a Noise in Libraries (RNIB libraries campaign); makerspaces; managing directors (building businesses/business support); maps; market research; meeting (business); meeting (community); mental health; minorities welcome; mobile libraries; money saving (free services); mood boosting; mums; music.

N is for National Libraries Day; networking; new ideas; newspapers; noise (discussion / activity / communication); non-judgemental; not for profit; novels.

O is for old (and young); online; online resources (databases); open to all; opportunity; outreach.

P is for paper; partnerships; personal development; photocopying; photographs; pictures (accessing images); political literacy (enabling people to find out about politics in a neutral way); power; printers.

Q is for questions; quiet.

R is for reading; recommendations; reference books; references; relaxing; reminiscence; research; resources; retirement; rhyme time.

S is for safe (place); scanners; school visits; serendipity; sexual health (information about); sharing; silver surfers; skills; social literacy; social media; spelling; Sshh! (a quiet place to work/study); statistics; stereotype breaking; storytime; students; study; study space (to think and work); summer reading challenge.

T is for tablet computers (e.g. iPads); teachers (supporting schools); teaching / training (librarians teaching); teens; toys; treasure hunts; trusted.

U is for understanding; unemployment (supporting job seekers); unexpected; universal; universal credit (support); unlimited; uplifting.

V is for value (money libraries save); values (the things libraries stand for); viewing films & other materials; visually impaired users; voting (finding information on political issues).

W is for warmth; well-being; wifi (free); wisdom; workshops; World Wide Web.

X is for xml (web of information; organisation of information online), eXciting, eXpression.

Y is for young adult; your library; youth.

Z is for ‘zines (magazines); zzzzz (child sleeping after being read bedtime story).